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   Supply Chain Management
It is very well known how the Supply Chain Management is essentially a part of any manufacturing industry. Supply chain management grossly comprises planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion and logistics. It also includes the crucial task of coordination and collaboration with channel partners, suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers and customers. In essence, supply chain management integrates supply and demand management within a company and across the companies. For a Lean Manufacturing philosophy it is inevitable to adopt Demand Driven Supply Chain Management. In the times of precarious marketing forecasts, what becomes mandatory is a transparent flow of information right down through the available supply chain. With all such challenging requirements of the automotive sector we have evolved to provide the following services.
Business Development –
Identification of the Customer Segment.
Understanding their Application Area.
Capturing Techno Commercial inputs from the customer.
Information sharing & collaboration with the manufacturer to produce an acceptable product.
Product Promotion –
Different manufacturers have different combination of plant machinery set-up. Hence certain producers excel in certain type of products. However same product can be manufactured using different kind of process depending on the availability of it with the manufacturer. Due to such adoption of different process some variations are induced in the products. Such variations may be dimensional variations / variation in visual appearance or variation in physical properties. Nevertheless these variations many times are redundant from user point of view. Due to our vast experience in the engineering sector we guide the buyers to the right kind of product & in effect help them in achieving standardisation & bought-out item rationalisation.
Demand Forecasting –
Every manufacturer does PPC work for optimum utilisation of his plant & machinery set-up. This PPC work generally needs to be done 2 to 3 months in advance for saving production cost. However many customers provide monthly schedules which are released by just the previous month end. Hence a gap in information demand-supply is observed. By maintaining & analysing the consumption data & it’s pattern we bridge this information gap. Our near accurate forecasts help our manufacturing clients in making strategic sourcing decisions also.
Day wise Dispatch Planning –
Monthly schedule from the customers are broken down to work out Delivery Plans. Such Delivery Plans are reverse calculated to work out Dispatch Plans. Taking into account the available logistics & human resource these Dispatch Plans are worked out in details to make Day Wise Dispatch plans for the manufacturers. With these efforts we maintain smooth & timely flow of material to the end user which in turn results in maximising business.
Warehouse Management –
Warehousing is an age old proven technique for Demand & Supply Management. However lack of integration between Demand Management & Supply Management have resulted in exorbitant inventory & devastating bad debts in the fastener industry. We do integration of demand & supply inputs to manage a lean warehousing. Our Lean Warehouse Management has substantially controlled the inventory cost for our manufacturing clients.
Quality Assurance –
Every fastener manufacturer gives utmost priority for Quality Control. Most of the standard manufacturers are audited for different Quality systems like ISO-9001, TS-16949, etc. Apart from fool-proof Quality systems & stringent Quality Control what customer finally demands is Quality Assurance. The last mile logistic challenge often gives rise to material mix-ups of the products. Besides, adherence to sampling inspection method in the fastener industry sometimes result in defective pieces reaching the customer end. In-spite of all these inherent discrepancies we Assure Quality. Whenever needed we arrange segregation / sorting services for the lots at the warehouse or customer end. Pre-Dispatch inspection is also one of the service we are adept in.
Data : Capturing / Entry / Logging / Tracking –
Successful Just-in-time supply concept can only be achieved through a Demand driven focus. The regular information flow from Demand side is vital for lean manufacturing management. Our brick-and-mortar offline methods of data capturing prove very essential in situations where ERP integration is not possible. Our data management service makes use of special soft tools & use Sky Drives & the latest Cloud Computing techniques.
Data Analysis –
Data analysis is an essential part of any KPO industry. We have developed numerous custom built application tools to coagulate the pieces of information in our data bank. Our data analysis helps our clients in understanding the seasonal product consumption patterns, advance indication of obsolescence of any special product, buyer payment credibility, data of warehouse inventory, priority indication for production plan sequencing.
Data Publishing –
A successful Supply Chain thrives on feed-back & feed-forward mechanism. Data publishing is a future trend for effectively achieving this goal. Conventional manual methods of emailing & SMS are still in use. Apart from this, many sophisticated & expensive SRM & CRM applications are in use in the industrial sector. Our company makes use of Cloud Computing to achieve cost effectiveness. Our data publishing service gives our clients the ease of data retrieval from our strong data base structure. We are pioneers in introducing a unique "Real Time Stock" monitoring service for our clients.
Payment Recovery –
No Supply Chain can exist without timely fund flow. Our data analysis & timely tracking / alerts help in payment recovery in time. Our local regional teams effectively put off line efforts to achieve this goal.
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