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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why fastener buyers prefer to post their requirements / buying offers on GetScrews.com rather than enquire at the manufacturer ?
    Every month we receive average 4 registrations from genuine manufacturers & distributors of nuts, bolts, fasteners & screws from all over the world. Thus our database gets updated with variety of sources with exposure to technological advancements. This results into better product quality at lower rates for the purchasers to make their buying continuously comfortable.

  2. Why fastener buyers prefer to buy through our company as a facilitator ?
    A manufacturer always chooses the inquiry to suit his manufacturing set-up. We choose the set-up to suit the customer's inquiry.

  3. Why sellers of fasteners (manufacturer / trader) register on GetScrews.com ?
    There are average 2000 visits from visitors who visit www.GetScrews.com There are buyers who post their requirements of specific screws, nuts, bolts, fasteners in search of good sources as per their needs. Such requirements / buying offers are shared among our registered sellers.

  4. How do you operate / What is our modus operandi ?
    When we get the inquiries / requirements, we format & float them among our registered members. We also publish this inquiry on our website for other non-registered manufacturers intending to register in the future. We then get quotations from various interested parties. The lowest one is then brought to the notice of the buyer.

  5. How much service charge do we charge for a transaction ?
    We generally do not charge any service charge to the buyer. We do marketing for our registered members. Our charges are covered after we coordinate, sell and collect payments from the buyers.

  6. How do we achieve savings for the buyer without hurting the seller ?
    According to studies it is found that the material costs of "C type/class" items account for only about 15% of the total costs of a fastening application, whereas the logistics and technical costs amounts to the other 85%. As is known this is the 15:85 rule.

    It is possible to achieve savings in logistics and technology & improve the overall cost in fastening applications. We at www.GetScrews.com achieve the saving for the buyer by concentrating on some of the aspects of this 85% expenditure. We are open to your proposals & can give you our customised offers.

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